Creating A Solid Research Paper About The 1960s: Tips For Undergraduate Students

A research paper is a daunting task. It can seem overwhelming and even a little terrifying when you begin the process. The basic tips for any research paper are the same. Do not procrastinate. Research your topic thoroughly. Start by getting a basic outline going well before you sit down to write. Proofread carefully for all spelling and grammar mistakes. Writing a solid paper about the 1960s can be fun. It was a turning point for most of the world. Here are some topics to really think about.

  • This is the decade that saw a turning point for racial equality. The 60s was big for the Civil Rights. There were marches and laws that did not address all the problems. Finding out what and who made the real difference can make your paper come alive. Examining how this decade was so important for African Americans can help you develop your topic.
  • The war in Vietnam impacted the whole generation. There was no denying that people are still feeling the impact today. You can use your paper to research why the war happened and what the true effect it had on those who participated in the war.
  • The assassination of a beloved president. There are many skeptics that believe that this assassination was crucial to the evolvement of America.
  • Women’s group took some serious stands for equal pay. Some know it as the bra burning age. Delve into this and see what difference was made real.
  • 1968, in particular, is said to be a monumental year for America and their ideas. They seem to give up some of the idealism and focus on other things.

There is no reason to be nervous about tackling the 1960s. It was an exciting time in history. It seems that between everything that was going on the turning points did not seem to be as groundbreaking as it truly was. There are many places that you can dig into and break open. Just remember to find your topic early so that you have a chance to catch lectures, enjoy papers, and further research in depth. You will find it a lot easier to put together your paper if you set goals for when you plan to have each step completed. If you take the time to find a topic that will grab you; it will show.

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