What To Write In The Abstract In A Research Paper?

While writing an abstract in your research paper, don’t get panic. Because an abstract is easy to write. It is a summary which you have to write in your thesis to help the reader. It is a concise summary of your research paper where you have to mention about the main objective, your research work, your finding and analysis, and its outcome with a conclusion. It will give an overall idea about the subject and purpose of the paper. Make sure that your abstract is the illustration of your work. You have to write in such a way that whenever someone will read your paper, the reader should get the whole idea of your work in that briefly written abstract. You have to summarize your whole work rather than just putting an idea over the topic.

Here are a few suggestions for what to write in the abstract in a research paper:

  • Though an abstract is presented at the beginning of your paper, you have to write the summary of your work rather than introducing the topic. So whenever you are writing an abstract, make sure that you will write this part after finishing the whole work. Then it will be easy for you to write it. And your abstract can be descriptive or informative.

  • Before writing an abstract, try to overview all the specific points and guidelines of your work. It will help you to recollect each and every point which you have to summarize in your writing. Also, this will help the reader to find out the objective of your paper and other important factors which one cannot get it through the given topic only.

  • While writing, try to identify the main purpose of your writing. Because the reader always wants to know about the importance of your work. Try to state the problem at the back of your paper. Clear the problem which your work presents, to the readers.

  • Try to provide helpful information to the readers. So that the readers get to know about the matter what you are presenting in your work. Try to avoid using acronyms in your abstract since it will make your readers a bit confused.

  • At the end of your abstract, put a conclusion to your writing. In this, put forward the meaning of your findings and the significance of your work.

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