A List Of Interesting Topics For Research Papers In English

The task of writing a research paper can be very involving and require more time. It is therefore important to choose a topic that is within your interest during the course of the entire project. It’s also good to choose a subject that has relevance to your course and interests since you will be spending a long time researching and writing on it. Here is a list of interesting topics for research papers in English for you to consider. The list is grouped into broad topics and several issues that you could consider under the broad topics.


Issues to do with reproductive health have always been a source of heated debate in various social circles. Abortion is an issue that raises several controversial issues that can be a good basis for a list of interesting topics for research papers in English you may consider. Some of the issues under the debate include:

  • - What limits can be considered as responsible in abortion?
  • - What limits can be considered to be realistic?
  • - How can abortion doctors and clinics, pregnant women, and the unborn child be protected?
  • - Stem cell studies and research
  • - Unborn victims of violence

Affirmative Action

Another topic that can form a basis for a great list of interesting topics for research papers in English is affirmative action. There are several issues to discuss under this topic and they include:

  • - While relative equality has been achieved, serious inequalities still continue to exist
  • - Can racial equality in business, military, sports and education be achieved without the policies that are used to promote affirmative action?
  • - What is reverse discrimination and how is it manifested?
  • - Reserving certain leadership positions for women in the corporate world


Education plays an important role in every society, and it always continues to raise debatable issues that can be a suitable basis for coming up with a list of interesting topics for research papers in English. Some of the issues for discussion under education may include:

  • - Discrimination in education
  • - Required standardized tests for advancement against course requirements alone
  • - Teacher competency tests against degree requirements/qualifications only
  • - The responsibility of the school against the parents’ responsibility for violence in schools
  • - Placement in school by age against placement by student’s academic abilities
  • - Effectiveness of homeschooling

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