The Complete Guide To Creating A Research Paper Using The APA Format

What is a Research paper?

These are academic articles generally prepared by college students and it is entirely based on the syllabus or curriculum of a particular subject. This mode of writings can also be described as the final product of the experimentation conducted by the student during his academic course.

Creating term paper using APA format

Nowadays most of the academic articles and term papers are to be submitted in conformity with American psychological Association style or APA format. This is a unique way of presenting your writings and certain points must be remembered before writing your article in APA format.

Points to Remember

  • Avoid using page breakers between various sections of an APA format article.
  • The entire writings should be in past tense.
  • APA recommends standard writing format in times new roman font with font size 12 and the essay should be double spaced.

The structure of an APA format Article:

The APA format includes various sections which need to be strictly followed if you are presenting your research paper. They are:

  • Title Page: this section should project the main title of the article and it must include the author’s name and the institutional affiliation
  • Abstract: this is included in order to reveal the details about your main topic, methodologies, analysis of the obtained data, the results obtained and the conclusion. This has to done without much elaboration and only a brief description can be included here.
  • Main Body: this is where you present your entire ideas and analysis of the topic provided to you. The detailed explanations regarding your experiments, data collected, statistical analysis etc can be furnished in this section.
  • Methods: the section includes various apparatus and materials used in order to collect the data and arrive into a conclusion. You can also include the details of other participants and procedures done for making a desired output.
  • Results: the evaluation process can be done in this section. The analysis of data collected and comparison of the obtained results with previous results can be conducted in here.
  • Discussions: the aim of this section is to present your findings and to place them in a broader context.
  • Reference: if you are following an APA format, reference section is a must and it should contain all sources from where you have collected your data and other statistics. This can be organized in alphabetical order and you can also describe about online sources as references.

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Prepare Final Copy

Set your paper aside before you start writing a revised and edited copy

Revision means you look for ways to re-organize your paper for effectiveness.

After a revision you will proofread and edit your final copy, ensuring all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are corrected.

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