Top Ten Interesting High School Term Paper Ideas

"I love writing term papers!"~ No student ever.

You can't get through high school without writing one term paper. Since they're weighed heavier than homework you have to make it count for your GPA's sake. They don't have to be boring. Here are original topics that will be fun to write about:

  1. 1. Topic: What is Art?
  2. Classes: English/Lit, Art (duh), History, or Anthropology.

    What to Talk About: An artist once made a portrait of the Virgin Mary with Elephant feces. Define art and how people react to it. Remember: Books, film, and music count too.

  3. 2. Topic: The Concept of Childhood.
  4. Classes: History or Psychology.

    Talk About: How has the idea of adolescence evolved socially and legally? Is it good or bad? Cite laws, movies, current news, etc to prove your point.

  5. 3. Topic: Universal Conscription
  6. Class: History.

    Talk About: Are you for or against it? Support your stance with pop culture and historical sources. Trace its origins and people's reactions to it.

  7. 4. Topic: Nonverbal Communication
  8. Classes: Psychology, History, or Sociology.

    Talk About: Define the term. Discuss how men and women communicate differently via body language and why it matters at work and in dating. Does body language affect self-esteem?

  9. 5. Topic: Single Sex Schools
  10. Classes: Psychology, History, or English.

    Talk About: Do children learn better in sex-segregated schools? Why or why not? When and why did coeducation become popular? Find data to support your position.

  11. 6. Topic: Capital Punishment

    Class: History.

    Talk About: The history of the death penalty globally or in your country. How do people feel about it? How do you feel? Back up your position with historical and sociological research.

  12. 7. Topic: Homosexuality: Natural? Or not?
  13. Class: Biology, Psychology, History.

    Talk About: Take a stance and support it with scientific research or historical data.

  14. 8. Topic: The Benefit of Psychopathy?
  15. Class: History or Psychology.

    Talk About: Define the traits of psychopathy. Were any famous historical figures psychopaths? Why? Why do psychopaths rise through the ranks of businesses so quickly?

  16. 9. Topic: Does Technology Help or Hurt Communication?
  17. Class: Sociology or Psychology.

    Talk About: How have the radio, telephone, telegram, texting, and internet changed how we communicate? How about mating? Support your stance with historical or scientific data.

  18. 10. Topic: Standardized Tests
  19. Class: History.

    Talk About: Why do schools use them? Are they effective in measuring intellect and future performance? Are there alternatives?

Don't feel limited by the suggested classes: If you can find a way to spin a topic for a different class then do it. Good luck!

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