Food Delivery Systems: Management Skills And Entrepreneurship

Business Proposal: Holistic Food Delivery Systems

The feasibility of the business

Holistic Food Delivery Systems originates from a need for healthy foods as well as standards meal delivery through mobile device and online ordering systems. It is entitled Holistic Food Delivery Systems. Since the market is saturated with websites that allow restaurant ordering and delivery, it is commonplace for work professionals, students and a variety of urban and suburban populations to use such services on a regular basis. Another growing industry is catering for weight loss and meal preparation services for people interested in healthful meals. While this model allows consumers to follow a particular diet and order from pre-designed healthy menus, it also involves an application of delivery for overall convenience. It is also considered a more niche or exclusive service due to the price variance and proximity to individually catered meals. In this presentation of a novel business venture, the best of both services will be merged into a single platform.

Holistic Food Delivery Systems will allow individuals to purchase food items that are prepared either at a restaurant or through a meal preparation facility geared towards specialty or diet based options. By offering both services it will allow for a broader audience that includes niche service and standard restaurant delivery. These together are beneficial to a variety of demographics while exposing consumers who may be interested in weight loss meal plans to services in an easily accessible way. In this way it is possible to remove preconceived notions about the expense or caliber of meal preparation services and potentially increase business for both types of services. Further, the opportunity can suggest catering services to working professionals who may enjoy creating lasting catering partnerships for multiple groups within their organization. Ultimately offering these two types of services benefits the consumer who can craft individualized food plans based on their specific needs.

The feasibility of this type of service is demonstrated by existing services in each category that create value for customers based on ordering platforms and diversity of meal options. In select urban cities there are trends towards this type of food preparation and delivery. There are sites that offer a variety of services and distribution mechanisms including pick up and carryout. Other audiences that significantly contribute to food delivery include college students and individuals with time sensitive schedules. This can be seen from the most prominent sites on the market today for order delivery and distribution. There is a large scope of audience as each site incorporates a number of options for individuals regardless of their location or setting.

Since the demographics are so great in terms of the audience that may benefit from such services, there are a variety of needs that can be addressed and met within this marketplace. For one, time sensitive meal delivery is the governing factor that drives users to online platforms for food sourcing. Not only do sites like Grubhub, Seamless and Campus foods offer valuable meal options from local restaurants, but they do so in an easy to understand and fast way. Within this segment, there are also certain users interested in high quality food that is nutritionally beneficial and viable to be integrated into their daily routines. While this market is tangential, there are several applications that promote high quality food from farmers markets or local caterers in order to provide diet based food options as necessary. Especially for those are on their own diets or food management plans, it is possible for the best practices in delivery to be facilitated through applications that promote healthy foods in an easy to access way. By promoting access to quality food, the element of time sensitivity can be addressed by users who are interested in dieting but may have been inclined to not follow through in the past due to time constraints in meal preparation.

This opportunity was screened and confirmed using an analysis of online food delivery, meal preparation and weight loss programs in major urban areas where mobile ordering and online distribution are commonplace. Each of these demographics are interacting online and using tools such as websites and mobile ordering platforms to source food on a regular to semi-frequent basis. This is confirmed by high volumes of sales in apps and websites alike as well as sustained and repeated use by customers.

The technology necessary to accomplish the goals of this project are simple and do not require extensive protocol beyond what is already available within Internet infrastructure. Further, the mobile accessibility suggested will be beneficial to most consumers without a high rate of change within existing technology. Because of the variety of existing business models that are performing well, the premise of this venture is highly feasible.

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