Simple Instructions On How To Do An APA Research Paper

APA is a research paper writing format developed by the American Psychological Association. This style is often suggested by the professors to the students. This style is used in psychology, sociology, human health and many more. Like all other writing styles, this style also has some particular rules. The following rules will define the most efficient way to write an APA formatted paper.

  • The left margin should be 1 inch and left side should be ragged. The indent has to be half inch. The double spaced “Times New Roman” is used in this format. You should also number every page on the top right corner. Also keep a minimized heading of your paper in capital letters on every page.
  • Organizing the paper is done in the following sequence, Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References and Appendices. Method, Results and Appendices are mainly used in summery and analysis papers. But in APA rest of the five must be used.
  • On the title page write the full name of your paper in capital letters except the articles and prepositions. It should be written in a title case. Then write your name and the name of your institution under the title.
  • Write your abstract on a new page, with “Abstract” written on it with bold case and in the center of the page. Always remember to keep a 1 inch top margin in this page.
  • On another page start giving your introduction, but don’t give a heading that says “Introduction”.
  • After writing the introduction, start writing the method below it and then results and then discussion. You don’t need to write these on a new page, but the headings should be written in bold and on center of the page.
  • The reference should be on a new page with bold and centered heading. Then make the list of your references in a proper alphabetical order.
  • In this format everything taken from another source has to be taken as quoted from the author with the year of it. Mention the names of the authors on the same line where you have taken the reference. There are many ways to do this, take which suites best for you.
  • There are formats of headings and sub-headings. The heading should be bold and centered. But a sub-heading should be bold and left sided. Important words should start with capital letters.
  • These rules should be helpful to write an excellent research paper in APA format.

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