Academic Instructions on Where to Look for a Good Example of a 5-Paragraph Essay

One of the most commonly requested formats for an essay is the standard 5-paragraph essay. This entails an introduction, 3 body paragraphs that each acknowledge one point, and a conclusion that refreshes ideas expressed in the introduction. This is one of the first formats of essay writing students are taught, but as you get older, teachers may encourage you to stray away from this set-up. If this happens, you may feel lost the next time you’re expected to write a 5-paragraph essay. When searching for inspiration, real examples might be your best source; here are some suggestions to find good examples:

  • The Library: The library is full of resources for you to find excellent essays. You can search the aisles for books that compile essays together, or you can go to student centers within libraries to find actual samples submitted by students.
  • Your teachers: Asking your teachers for some recommendations may yield many results. Teachers often hold on to writing samples from former students that they deem beneficial to future students. If this is the case, they may be able to provide all the examples you need.
  • Friends: Your peers probably had to write similar essays at some point in time, and can often be the best resource to finding sample 5-paragraph essays. Ask around and see if any acquaintances have material they’d be willing to show you to improve your understanding of the format.

Though a commonly used format, the 5-paragraph essay can sometimes be tricky to tackle. If it’s been a while since you’ve written one of these, you may find that referencing real examples to be very beneficial. Check your local library and ask around to acquire this material. Former students are your best bet to acquiring real, original content. Getting essays that have previously been submitted are also likely to have feedback written on them so you can keep those pointers in mind when writing your own paper. This will ensure that your paper is well written and strong enough to support a high grade. Though it may be tempting, don’t take credit for any essays that aren’t yours as this can often have serious consequences. Don’t overthink your paper, as the format is really quite standard. So long as you meet each of the points the 5-paragraphs are meant to satisfy, your paper will be strong and articulate.

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