Useful Techniques For Crafting A Research Paper Conclusion

If you need to compose a conclusion, it can be quite a tricky business. It needs to be to the point and detail all the necessary information. If you’re struggling to know where to even begin in creating it, then here are some great suggestions to help:

  • Begin by reminding the reader of the aims and objectives you set out in the introduction and mention what methods you used.
  • A research paper is highly dependent on the facts and methods, so don’t overlook this key ingredient. You should briefly restate the findings of your research paper in a succinct and easy to digest way.
  • Then you should summarize your findings and present your conclusions. Remember- stick to the facts!
  • If there is insufficient data to come to any firm conclusions, then you will highlight this to the reader and explain the reasons why. You should then state any further action that should be taken by the reader and provide further reading material and resources.
  • That’s all the content out of the way- now you need to make it pack a punch! The ending of your essay is crucial, so you should pay extra attention to it. You need it to encapsulate the essence of your essay but also make it feel as though it’s been a more than worthwhile journey by ending it as well as any good novel!
  • Once you’ve written a first draft, you should re-read it again and again until it’s as polished as it possibly can be. Scrutinize every paragraph, sentence and word with a new eye for detail. Ask yourself if a better synonym could be used in place of a certain word. Could a paragraph flow better? Have you gone off on an unnecessary tangent? Have you explained yourself sufficiently for the reader to fully understand? As long as you ask such questions as you edit, and change parts accordingly, the more of a winner your work will be!
  • I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s not just about how much time and attention you spend on it, it’s also about how focused you are at the time! Seeing as you will have already written the bulk of your paper, the deadline could well be looming and you may be feeling exhausted at the task in hand. If this is so, try to work at a time that suits you best- when you know your concentration is at its fullest.

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Revision means you look for ways to re-organize your paper for effectiveness.

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