Writing A Research Paper Abstract In The APA Style: 4 Basic Rules

When it comes to a research paper, there are several components that if one is not properly written, it affects the whole paper. One of such components is the abstract. This is that page where you provide a brief summary of your academic paper and comes after your paper’s title page. If you are writing in the APA style, there are several rules which should guide you as you source and write your paper. Depending on your instructor’s requirements, the content of this page can be between 150 to 250 words in length.

Among the various rules of writing your research paper’s abstract, listed below are four basic rules you should apply each time you write an abstract in the APA style. They are as follows:

  • Write The Main Paper First: Although the abstract comes at the initial stage of your paper, it is important that you write the main body paragraphs first before writing this part of your paper. With the body written, it then serves as a guide in writing your paper’s abstract.
  • Brief But Informative: Just as mentioned earlier, this page does not contain much content but then, it must be very informative. In order to achieve this, you should make sure that each written sentence should make a significant impact and focus mainly on the most important concepts of your paper.
  • It Should Be Accurate: Just in case you don’t already know, your abstract is a sort of report and as such, you should ensure that the facts contained in it are not only accurate but a true reflection of your research paper’s content. Information that is not in the body of your paper should never find its way into your paper’s abstract.
  • Maintain The Same Structure: The last but not the least of the four rules is to ensure that the abstract of your paper is structured in the same order as the entire academic paper. This way, you would not get your readers confused as to the format of your paper.

For those students who have never used this particular format in writing their academic papers, they might find it very difficult to adjust. However, you can gradually build up your confidence by taking a look at other research papers and following the format. This way, you will gradually but surely learn how to format your papers in APA style, including the abstracts of such papers.

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