Writing A Research Paper On Managerial Ethics – 10 Quick Tips

Try these quick tips that can influence your strategies:

  1. Relate to your course. This may sound really obvious but you need to make sure that the focus of your research paper relates to your course. You also need to be able to consider the usefulness of your research and whether it would have a practical application.
  2. Be selective. Given your experience within the workplace, what aspect of managerial ethics do you feel would be the most useful to research? Remember that you will be working on this project fro quite a while so you need to be comfortable with it.
  3. Observation. Are there aspects of ethical behaviour that are more transparent than others? How can you observe ethical behaviours? Is your methodology going to be based on reported behaviours or observed behaviours?
  4. One Area at a time. Think about a whole myriad of behaviours and how they are the result of other people's behaviours. Consider the situation of cause and effect? Take just one aspect don't try to research all of the areas.
  5. Support your work with Academic Evidence. Whether you decide to focus on reported or observed behaviours you need to make sure that both your thesis and discussion have a sound grounding of Academic Literature.
  6. Support your work with Statistical Evidence. Observational evidence is not enough,you will need to provide evidence of targeted behaviours which have then undergine statistical analysis.
  7. Real Life Examples. Support your Academic Evidence with real-life examples. These can be either ones that your have observed first hand or ones that are reported historically or have been reported in the news.
  8. Relate to other areas of study. In any research project there is usually an overlap into other areas of study. You may find addition material in other Social Sciences such as Psychology or Sociology that supports your work.
  9. Be Realistic. Keep focussed on your study. Be realistic about what you can achieve and realistic about the real life application of your results. If your research takes in a wide area of ethical behaviour your may not be able to usefully apply your results.
  10. Consider how managerial behaviours have a direct effect on the work force. Discuss how this can change from workplace to workplace. What are the factors that influence or not influence these changes?

Good Luck

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