How To Write A Good Introduction For An Academic Essay

When you are in high school, you have to pay great attention when you write essays. Even though your professor is nice, he knows that this is important for your future so he will not accept anything below the standards. In general, the most important part of the essay is the introduction; this is what can make people interested in your composition, or it can make them stop reading. This is how to have a good start:

  • Choose your topic wisely. Many students choose the easiest topic, thinking that this will help them get high marks. Actually, this will only make your professor think that you did not want to bother to try something more complicated. He will be more severe when he will correct your paper, not to mention that your colleagues will not be interested to read it. Try to go for something new, think outside the box and explore that idea that no one is talking about.
  • Choose simple words. Sometimes you want to impress your professor, so you use complicated terms and words that no one knows. While this can show that you are smart, it will also make your colleagues not interested in your composition. If they can’t even understand the first lines, why would they bother to read more? Keep it simple at least in the introduction; later you can use whatever words you want.
  • Discuss about the topic. You can’t expect them to know everything, so you have to give them some details about the topic right from the beginning. For example, you can tell them why did you choose to write about this, what is the purpose of your composition and what are you trying to prove. Make sure that you don’t write more than one paragraph, otherwise it will be confusing. To get more ideas about this, use this resource.
  • Don’t reveal all the information. This is a mistake that many students do; they have some good ideas but they use them all in the first lines. After that, they will not have much to write about and the readers will feel like there is no point to pay more attention to your essay.
  • Keep it short. The introduction does not have to be more than a few lines long, otherwise they will not know what is the body of the composition.

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