9 Fresh Ideas For Public Policy Term Paper Topics

Public policy papers can be difficult to write because it’s extremely hard to find an original topic for this subject. The trick here is not to search for some unique unexplored issue, but to develop an original approach to the one that has been researched already. This way, you will be able to show how well you understand the subject.

Be sure to pick a topic you are personally interested in. Your passion about the issue will be transferred to the paper and make it stronger. Just remember that you need to control your emotions when addressing the arguments of the opposing side. You must avoid being offensive and use only logic and solid evidence when dealing with them.

If you struggle to come up with any ideas, here are a few prompts you can use:

  1. 1. National security policies in the U.S.
  2. List the policies that currently exist and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Offer your suggestions of improvements.

  3. 2. Analysis of the U.S. defense policies after the Cold War.
  4. What changes occurred after the Cold War? What caused them? Do they weaken the country’s defense? What will happen should a new war break out?

  5. 3. The failure of the U.S. policy in regards to Iraq.
  6. Analyze the Iraq conflict and identify the reasons behind it. Explain how some U.S. policies brought this conflict closer. What policies prevent the situation from being resolved?

  7. 4. Anti-terrorist policies encourage terrorism.
  8. Offer your own views on the matter and support your arguments with hard evidence. What changes can you propose? How can you be sure that changing policies against terrorism will help destroy terrorist organizations?

  9. 5. Crisis management policies in the U.S.
  10. Choose a group of policies to focus on and explain why you believe them to be efficient or inefficient. Offer some real-life examples where these policies failed or helped save the situation. Can you offer any improvements?

  11. 6. A comparative analysis of environmental policies in the countries of your choice.
  12. Choose several countries that can illustrate your point best. Explain why some of the policies are lacking and how supporting them affects the policies of other countries.

  13. 7. Air pollution policies in China.
  14. In some parts of China, air is so polluted you literally cannot breathe without a mask on. How do local policies make it possible?

  15. 8. Crisis prevention policies of the European Union.
  16. Analyze the policies and explain why they are effective.

  17. 9. Anti-drug policies in the U.S. are inefficient.
  18. Explain your point of view and offer some solid proof. Suggest some efficient changes to the existing policies.

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