Developmental Psychology Term Paper Ideas: Discovering Current Problems

Our modern world and all the changes we face have created a whole host of new problems in terms of children’s development. Have a look at these research papers for sale and excellent ideas for developmental psychology term papers about some of the problems we’re facing.

  • Society and instant gratification
  • Our modern society often brings instant gratification of wants and needs. Does this instant gratification negatively influence children’s ability to delay gratification when they need to? Is there any way to mitigate the effects of instant gratification?

  • Social media and social development
  • Many experts claim that social media has a negative effect on children’s development of social skills, as they are having fewer face-to-face interactions with others. Does social media have a negative effect on children’s social development?

  • Children in non-traditional families
  • Many modern families are non-traditional in their structure. For example, many families consist of divorced single parents or same-sex adoptive parents. Do these non-traditional family structures have any impact on children?

  • Technology and physical development
  • Modern technology results in children being much less active than before, as they sit in front of their various screens. How does this lack of physical activity affect children’s physical development?

  • Religion and moral development
  • Today many parents are raising their children in religion-free households. Does this lack of religious teaching have any influence on children’s moral development? Or can children develop morally without religion?

  • Exposure to violence and children’s security
  • Arguably, children are exposed to more violence today than they have been exposed to in decades, thanks to the media. Does this exposure to violence have an impact on children’s sense of security? Or are they more resilient than we realise?

  • Discipline at school and self-discipline
  • Traditionally, children were disciplined at school. Today, however, it’s very difficult for teachers to discipline disobedient children. Does this lack of discipline in schools influence children’s levels of self-discipline?

  • Sex in the media and sexual development
  • Children are being introduced to sex at younger and younger ages through the media. Does this early introduction to sex have an effect on children’s sexual development?

  • Extended family and social development
  • Because most modern families only consist of parents and children, children are spending less time with their extended family. Does this have any impact on children’s social development?

  • Emigration and cultural development
  • With so many families relocating to other countries, children are removed from their cultures of origin. Does this removal have a negative impact on children’s cultural development? Or does it help them learn to accept other cultures instead?

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