Helpful Hints On How To Get An Example Of A Research Paper In The APA Format

There are two most basic types of styles used when writing papers, theses, and so on: APA and MLA. The APA (American Psychological Association) style is instrumental mostly when writing about the social sciences and humanities. Here is a short guide, along with helpful hints on how to get an example of a research paper in the APA format.

First, know the APA Format:

Before you go around lurking for examples of a research paper in the APA format, you must know the basics of the style. The basic structure looks something like this:

  • - Formatting:

    1. 1. Times New Roman font, double line spacing with font size 12
    2. 2. One space after punctuations and two after a full stop
    3. 3. The title of the paper in block letters at the top left of every page (header) and the number of the page at the top right
    4. 4. Margins should be 1 inch on all sides
    5. 5. Segregate different sections of the paper by putting in headings and sub-headings
  • - Subject Matter:

    1. 1. Abstract: One paragraph of about two hundred words summarizing the entire study
    2. 2. Introduction: Background of the study, followed by stating the research problem and the objectives
    3. 3. Method: Divided into four parts: participants (The subjects or participants of the study), research design (the variables involved), methodology (tests and experiments), and data collection procedures (execution of the design)
    4. 4. Results: Present the collected data in the appropriate form and remind the reader of how it relates to the question or hypothesis
    5. 5. Discussion: Interpretation and explanation of the data and a conclusion whether or not it supported your question and why
    6. 6. References: Author. (Year). Title of work. Place where the work was published

Where can you get an example of a research paper in APA format?

Although there is a plethora of sources all over the internet ready to help you out, prefer the ones that are reliable and verified by others, since a research paper is not something you can toy with. You can look in the following places:

  • - College and University websites: These are by far the most accurate and reliable. Some university websites may also provide help with citation and presentation.
  • - Ebooks
  • - Online study forums
  • - Online tutoring websites
  • - Notes and Study Materials providers

Note that when looking up study forums and tutoring websites, make sure that you use them only for reference. Do not plagiarize from someone else.

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