Children’s Literature Research Paper Topics: Top 20 Examples

Performing research in children’s literature provides a deep look not only into the cultural side of our lives, but also the psychological, ethical, religious, social and many more. Thus, no format of an academic paper allows studying the wide topic in literature from all sides simultaneously in a profound way – this will mean too much information for one work. That’s why when selecting a topic for your survey it’s important to decide which aspects of the problem it will disclose exactly.

20 Inspiring Topics for Your Research Paper

  1. How a family is portrayed in the modern children’s literature?
  2. Comparative analysis of the theme of death’s disclosure in adult and children’s literature.
  3. Main features of children’s poetry.
  4. Lewis Carroll’s contribution into the development of a fairy tale genre.
  5. Peculiarities of a heroic motif in children’s books.
  6. How does the screening of a children’s book influence its popularity?
  7. Main methods of interpreting the children’s literature.
  8. Educational and pedagogic use of children’s literature.
  9. A succession of the most prominent American children’s authors and their place in the world children’s literature.
  10. What genres of children’s literature are most popular today?
  11. Roots and main historical milestones of literature for kids.
  12. The most significant differences between children’s and young adults’ literature.
  13. A way of presenting mysticism in children’s books.
  14. A phenomenon of children’s detective stories.
  15. Children’s tales in the literary heritage of Rudyard Kipling.
  16. Influence of myths and folktales on children’s literature.
  17. Key concepts of childhood presented via modern children’s books.
  18. A role of illustrations in books for kids.
  19. Can the comic strips for children be considered as a part of children’s literature?
  20. A concept of Good and Evil in modern children’s books.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Topic

  • Stay within a field you have enough experience in.
  • Work on a topic you are really keen and passionate about.
  • Make sure that you are able to collect enough relevant data to research the chosen topic.
  • Don’t try to cover an obviously general topic unless you are sure of your academic abilities for this task.
  • Select the topic that corresponds with the direction of your course.
  • Pick the topic that matches your personal academic aims and interests as much as possible.
  • Consider the amount of time you have for performing your study before deciding upon a topic.

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